Our Ability

Our resources have the ABILITY and expertise to solve difficult business challenges with innovative technology solutions.

We engineer and support complex infrastructures.

Our capabilities are extensive – our interdisciplinary knowledge, experience and objectivity provide an extra echelon of value. We have a tradition of responsiveness and team spirit, and a history of improving the reliability, efficiency and integrity of systems and operations. Utilizing our proven methodology, the VAE Design System™, we assess needs, identify problems, develop and test new scenarios, evaluate alternatives, and deliver a comprehensive method solution that meets or exceeds your requirements.

We understand systems and processes.

We have a profound knowledge of systems, functions, processes, and information capture. We can design a high value system; manage a complex development and deployment schedule; integrate varying systems and normalize these across different platforms. Active Directory expansion or consolidation performed by engineers with local and worldwide experience. From local to wide area networks, firewalls to IDS, and everyday situations to the most difficult problem, our engineers have the expertise you can count on. Our certified training partners can help provide a smooth transition by ensuring your personnel are up to date on new applications and platforms.

Our skills and our work ethic provide unmatched value.

In serving a diversified and noteworthy client base, our consulting specialists have more than creativity and expertise. They also have a strategic vantage point – and work to understand your fundamental imperatives and your vision. Most importantly, they possess a work ethic that’s second to none and deliver world-class enterprise engineering solutions. In addition, we have a spectrum of flexible support contracts and completely outsourced managed services.

Our centers of excellence are:

  • Network Analysis
  • Network Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Deployment & Training
  • Active Directory Design
  • Storage Area Networking
  • Network Security
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Managed Services
  • Executive Advisory
  • Enterprise Messaging

World-Class Expertise

We’ll help you excel in a world of change and challenge.

We understand continually evolving technologies, business processes, and the individual needs of our clients. Our engineers focus on getting the results you need, and are with you each and every step of the way. Our experience in designing and deploying complex IT solutions is broad and deep—from local area networks to wide area networks that span the globe. There is no single formula for network design, infrastructure architecture or support, so we approach each project as a unique challenge, providing the operating systems and configurations you need for superior performance.

Our engineers are a level above the rest.

Our technicians have advanced expertise in a full range of initiatives, such as Active Directory consolidation, integration of varying Active Directory architectures through acquisition, implementing firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), IPSec VPNs and encryption.

Should a problem occur, we have the systems and relationships in place to resolve it quickly, while maintaining data integrity and ensuring proper backup 24/7/365. We understand the subtle, and often unapparent nuances of technologies and systems, and how they work in countries around the globe.

We have strong capabilities in Microsoft technologies, data security, emerging wireless technologies, converging network technologies such as VoIP, and advanced MPLS services to support virtualization.

Get the best customer service available.

Our engineering and program management staff has earned a reputation for responsiveness, team spirit and innovation. Their solid work ethic and years of experience help them grasp the complexities of program management, process improvement and systems engineering. With a commitment that’s second to none, our experts identify and implement improvements in interoperability, compliance, and standardization. The keys to this include:

  • Best Practices: Utilizing our proprietary system and proven tools.
  • Innovation: Understanding and adapting to new technologies and processes.
  • Risk Mitigation: Lowering implementation risk and cost.
  • Focus: Applying the right expertise, such as for security, and threat mitigation.
  • Support: Delivering superior service by fully utilizing our staff, vendors and partners


Our executives have the experience and insight you require.

We have the experience, achievement history and professional demeanor that you need. Our managers, engineers and support personnel have the knowledge, insight and experience that are required to deliver outstanding service. Realizing that personal relationships are critical to a successful partnership, we all strive to become your trusted advisors who will give you the fresh perspectives you need to succeed.

Please take a moment to meet our executives:

Nicole Guagenti
President & Owner

Pete Carusone
Chief Executive Officer